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Imagine not having bulky lips

Imagine not having bulky lips

Most women with fuller lips, the dream is not impossible to achieve. able to create an appropriate form for your face using natural fillers.
Lip trend is rising. In the past, injection make fuller lips, so to have younger looking lips; It was the practice of a specific mature women. Nowadays the situation is different.
Medical Aesthetic Specialist Dr. Mustafa Karatas, "much fuller, artificial-looking lips, experts are particularly situation, but who want to plump lips growing number of young women they avoid. The most important media's influence among the causes, celebrities or 'selfie' include the rise of the culture." Karatas, naturally this view and says that it is not attractive: "Over plump lips to suit everyone no such thing. To achieve a natural look after the procedure main point is that I say also there are many patients who want to be reunited with exaggerated lips. With the younger of the women in the older age lip that to restore volume and fuller lips yaptırırk to fill the lines, so young patients, because they believe they're making themselves more attractive show. "

Dr. Mustafa Karatas, was the best of the natural-looking lip and a broken lip, she says a lot of volume added when the face of the balance. Lips can stand more subtle than it appears from the front when viewed from the side. The upper lip should not be more than 2 millimeters ahead of the lower lip. More than this will cause your lips to look like a duck.
The easiest way to give volume to the lips to make filler injections. Moving and deep vein structure lips because, in terms of filling volume supplement specially developed hyaluronic acid that gives a more natural response. Periods ranging from fashion models lips, though a lot of filler in the lips, impairs the ideal ratio and distributing natural anatomy attention.
Karatas, the patient says that constantly warned of how to use the most accurate way of filling and injection, "the area in the middle of the lips, that the lower lip with the middle of our upper lips and call the district lips heart is the sum of the place with its counterparts. Here create belirginleştirip is koııt this region volumizing filler injections extremely popular and aesthetic innovation. But to give into the lip volume, content needs to use vitamins must also hosts hyaluronic acid. Thus, the forward toward coarsening, moist lips are able to achieve. "
Most women with fuller lips, the dream is not impossible to achieve. Before using natural dolgumadd you need to choose an appropriate form for your face. Karatas, told the most popular forms of lips lately ..

HOLLYWOOD Monica Bellucci
Hollywood-style lips form preferred by many women, the lower and the upper lip, but it is also a form of plump lips are not exaggerated. This lip shape is more preferred by the famous theater and a form known in the entertainment world. The upper lip is split three that we think we lips as two sides of the heart and three department is filled. Lower lip in a manner proportional to the upper expanded. with very dilute form of hyaluronic acid it is very little that I face fabricated form.

Angel Wing (Angelicum) lip shape is at the forefront of the upper lip, upper lip that come straight from the bottom part of the nose and highlighter given volume of the region where the visibility is form. It gives women a sexy expression. This lip upper lip edges are also rounded form. Angelic forms that can be given the choice of thin lips a fuller appearance to the upper lip patients. exit angle of the upper lip and protected light angel wings on landing occupancy and polite structure.

The best example of this style is Angelina Jolie. When we look at the end of the nose to the tip portion of the jaw enough distance, we see even more. Thick lips; but narrower than the bottom face, prominent cheekbones and the jaw can be applied in women with sufficient volume. Made by the patient's lower face structure appropriate application under section up to the chin that a sufficient distance from the nose can save this rose lip face a very pleasant view. This space may seem unduly short while thick lips.

This lip is in the form of lower lip, lip shape is similar to two teardrop. These two teardrop form is indicative of the active volume effects and more youthful appearance. Drip lips and is a condition that the lower lip and the lip would be combined with other forms. You must remember that you have to drop the lips of it should be a good complement to the diagnosis and thick lower lip is always smooth and shiny teeth. each of the teeth must be of sufficient width and length.

Butterfly is one of the most uncommon way between her lips form.

This form has a strong expression, and they are younger-looking lips. Women tend to have this type of lip shape in adolescence. your lips with a lip butterfly application made in dose form regains its natural springs. At the same time, you also have a more youthful and attractive appearance.

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