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1 month 8 Click to lose weight

Breakfast is the most basic way to speed up your metabolism to speed up the metabolism slows down overnight.

As well as a pleasant breakfast is a sign of a good day to be late.

Keep your blood sugar under control fluctuations in blood sugar, as this may cause increased appetite and weight gain can lead to decrease in the daily performance. Therefore, the need to feed periodically starve the body. The ideal thing is to stay open more than 4-5 hours.

Make it a habit to drink water from thirst in the body losing water, the water needs to meet as long as weakness, fatigue, headaches and concentration disorders may occur. Develop the habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water you can drink thirst and intracellular and extracellular activity of the day to continue on a regular basis.

The correct combination: Protein + healthy carbohydrates, proteins care and energy to meet the needs of the true source of food for the body to function properly. Produce for your meals and eat the right combination of proteins in the energy production in the body and difficult-to-digest carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates that type. Whole-grain bread on your table, pasta, do not include a sufficient amount of carbohydrates like rice and grilled or lean meat cooked in the oven alongside these complex carbohydrates, chicken, eat lots of protein sources such as turkey or fish will not only help you maintain your weight, positively on blood sugar and blood cholesterol effects are created.

Say hello to the colors in the nature of a healthy way of life goes Spice up your dinner table move away from the table. One type of diet can cause many health problems. Therefore, you must ensure that the color of your table. Nutrition adding basic food groups in your habits, from the white (dairy products), red and brown (meats) from yellow (cereals) rainbow in the (fruits and vegetables), you should be on your table all colors.

Make it a hectic pace of life by eating ceremony that precious seconds of each individual sitting down to meals with snacks can go to gloss over the road. The stopped this scheme which brings problems along with unhealthy weight fed. Take time for yourself to eat more meals and try to get in the habit of finishing at least 20 minutes.

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