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What are rapid weight loss winter vegetables?

What are rapid weight-loss foods?

Winter appetite when we opened, we are prone to weight gain. Closed and that the rainy weather, negatively affect our mood. So, what do we do, we will all be like this winter? Of course, no! Hippocrates "Ye are to get your medicine!" Remembered his promise, we will improve ourselves with the healthiest and fastest debilitating winter vegetables.

"I'm going on a diet" as a team, we talked to provide you with the most accurate and reliable information Dietitian Kubra honey. During the winter season, happiness, love to give you food, health and weight of the vegetables we have learned that what you will read eagerly.

Red radishes: radishes for diabetics, blood sugar should be consumed because of the regulatory effect. The antioxidant effects of red radish, which is at the same time because of the red color edema shooter.

Spinach: A, C, E, K vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine-containing spinach rich in vegetable protein.

Broccoli: A good source of calcium and vitamin C. Broccoli, especially for the balance should be consumed by the hormone estrogen in menopausal women.

Biceps: biceps because it contains vitamin folic acid should be consumed by pregnant women is a good calcium and vitamin C source.

Leeks: leek with the gallic acid in which the family is Soğangil are retarding effect against the effects of aging. It also provides protection against colon cancer with sulfur content. Leeks are an ideal vegetable for the problem of constipation is a high source of fiber.

Kale: Contains vitamin K concentrations a positive effect on the nervous system booster and kale protector for Alzeihmer disease.

Cauliflower: A good source of vitamin C and folic acid, cauliflower, contained diindolilmet the (DIM) to battle with breast cancer shows article and relaxing effect against premenstrual syndrome.

Cabbage: Cabbage controlling blood sugar levels is particularly suitable for people who have diabetes and diet. It contains vitamin contributes to the stomach and intestinal health.

Brussels sprouts: malignant (LDL) help to lower cholesterol and protect against cancer.

Garlic: It contains a natural antibiotic which is needed for the winter months with allium sativum garlic agents should not be missing meals.

Celery: by Hippocrates, "the drug of tense nerves" as defined celery, a soothing effect. During the winter months due to the immune system booster feature should be used in salads and soups.

Beets: skin diseases, especially the (hair loss, such as eczema) well from beets, a powerful cancer fighter.

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