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What is the glycemic index diet?

There are three important step in the implementation of the GI diet:

Rational choice to make carbohydrates, so eating high GI carbohydrates rather low gi'l

Learn about the GI value of food
Get measured the amount of daily carbohydrate and low, albeit gi'l to take more carbohydrates. So never take more calories at every meal.

The success of a diet depends on whether it can be continued. Can not continue for a while, then there is no point in applying diet or nutrition. Everyone's body, bowel, food selection by the same enzymes that break down food that is of great importance. Weight is not the most important issue in appetite control. Digestion in the intestine for a long period of appetite control and therefore low gı'l of food is important to increase rapidly the blood sugar selected.

The food selection or Nutrition How to Register?
The most important principle in nutrition is to eat 3 main meals, 3 snacks. So breakfast, snack at 10.30, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, meals should call the night at 22.00. High gı'l foods instead of foods to eat in your daily diet is low gı'l practical point. For example, whole wheat bread instead of white bread for breakfast, instead of butter or jam yogurt, fruit can be eaten. The food we eat contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is the protein in meat and eggs. The carbohydrates in the bread is. , Consisting of butter oil. The important thing is to eat a variety of foods from different dimensions. Each food is impossible to measure the GI. For example, meat, fish, chicken, almonds, butter, vegetables can ignore the GI. Our rule is to eat less of the foods with a high GI. However, it is necessary to eat low gı'l sausage. This one is very saturated fats. So our goal is not just low gı'l food to eat. If the new mixed high and low GI foods gı'l 'I would be moderate. If you eat food your palate if you can add low gı'l high gı'l food.

White bread, a slice of whole wheat bread instead of cakes and cookies, or less jam you can eat on and on. Whole wheat bread instead of white bread, eat whole wheat or rye bread. Eat muesli breakfast instead of cereal. Eat yogurt instead of cake or pie. Yiyin.cips sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes instead of eating one grape or strawberry. Instead of croissants made from skim milk for cappuccino. Instead of crackers, sliced ​​carrots, eat chili. Sugar instead of raisins, dried apricots, dried fruits eat. Bulgur instead of rice, pasta, noodles yiyin.gazoz and cola instead of water. Apple juice instead of sugar, use honey or fructose.

Mashed potatoes, white bread and white rice, blood sugar has more power than cutting sugar upgrades. Therefore, the load of sugar made from whole grain foods to eat less is more useful. Thus, your blood sugar will not rise as well as provide other benefits. Whole wheat bread made of more vitamins and minerals are. Whole grains are protective against diabetes prevents constipation and bowel are running better, as they reduce the risk of heart disease incidence.

More than 5 servings per day (5 slices) of bread should be eaten.
Important dietary advice to lose weight:
Give more importance to eat fruit and vegetables
Reduce the amount of fat.
Reduce portions
Eat at least one low gı'l food at every meal.
Do not skip meals, 3 main meals as fed 3 meals
Eat fresh fruit instead of after
Eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread or rye bread
High triglycerides are not regularly walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts Eat
Eat very little red meat and white meat
Eat as skim milk products
Eat only as olive oil

Time of the meal
This 3 main meals and 3 snacks as nutrition. Breakfast is usually an hour after taking off should be about 7:00 o'clock. The first call should be the meal at 10:30, lunch time should be between 12.00-1300. Second hours between meals should be about 15:30 to 16:00, it must have dinner at 19.00 pm. Last night at 22:30 in the snack should be CVAR.
Breakfast must be done. Breakfast is more energetic during the day and people who make less snacking and give better weight. These people are happier, it was found to be successful in their work. Tired of people who do not eat breakfast, the less energy is low and the amount of water they live in vüct. Those who do not have time to make breakfast in the morning, saying they can prepare themselves healthy breakfast packages can eat breakfast on the way.
For example, nonfat cheese sandwich made of whole wheat bread into bread, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers can be prepared by placing a sandwich. Breakfast sugar foods cause your food quickly feel hungry. Breakfast in fruit or fruit juice, skim milk or yogurt should be eaten, whole wheat bread should be eaten as bread. Breakfast can start beating or fresh fruit juices.
G level low fruit and fruit juices are as follows:
Kiwi (53)
Apple (38)
Apple juice (37)
Mango (51)
Orange (42)
Carrot juice (43)
Grapefruit (25)
Peaches (42)
Pineapple juice (46)
Erik (39)
Grapes (53)
Tomato juice (38)
If you do not get enough whole wheat bread can be eaten with fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Drink soup for breakfast is also useful.
Lunch and Dinner (plate model)
Let's say you eat a meal would be on a platter all of the food. This should complete the race plate fruits and vegetables, protein (meat or legumes) and the remaining ¼ of the plate should be filled ¼'n carbohydrates. So every meal protein (meat type), carbohydrates, and should be fruits and vegetables. The amount of carbohydrates to eat meat at meals decreases and decreases the wearing of all meals.
Lunch should be the best meal of the day. Low gi'l carbohydrates should be selected. Noon whole wheat bread, legumes, fish, lean meat, chicken, followed by fruit salad should be eaten in large quantities.
The evening meal should be light, vegetables, meat and yogurt should be eaten. Desserts should be eaten instead of ice cream or fruit.
Snack on:
In between meals choose one of the following.
An orange or an apple or a pear
Nonfat yogurt
A glass of milk
5-6 dried apricots
A handful of raisins
An ice cream parlor
A handful of almonds
Rarely do Yen foods are:
High gı'l foods (pastries, cookies, cakes, cookies)
Fried in oil, roasted or sauce was added foods
All fatty foods (milk cream, sour cream, mayonnaise, margarine)
Content unknown prepared foods
Fruit juices, eat fruit to replace them
Flavors which can increase appetite
Coffee and caffeine
Reduce alcohol, a weekly downloads
Soda, drink water instead of soda drinking.
Strong noon, eat a light dinner.

Metabolism slows morning while in the evening faster. Therefore the mild evening meal is very important in terms of weight loss is mostly a bit more in the morning and lunch. However, our country is usually a sandwich or lunch hours are glossed over by the rotary and the weakening of the metabolism, so the evening meal to beat, and this leads to more weight gain. If you want to lose weight, you need to reverse this way of eating. The afternoon should eat a good dinner should eat less.

After the evening meal should not be eaten at 19.00. If you are very hungry after dinner at night you eat apple slices, put into a bowl of yogurt, or eat 4-5 almonds or walnuts. These will satisfy your hunger.

Oil and Protein How Much and How to Yen?
No acceptable glycemic index values ​​of fat and protein. However high fat and high protein diets and increase insulin resistance. Therefore, the edible carbohydrate raises more malnourished people in such blood sugar. Should be eaten as olive oil, butter should be eaten or frozen oil. Protein also makes the arteries more boost. Daily dietary protein should be enough. This amount can be summarized roughly as your palm to eat a piece of meat up. It reduces the intestinal absorption of food and more full amount of the protein. The protein in foods should be put into the salad. When it comes to protein, nonfat dairy products, lean chicken and turkey meat, seafood, egg whites, peas, dry beans, chickpeas should be understood.

We need 65-70 gramsof protein daily. Per kilogram of ideal body weight daily protein intake of 800-1200 calories of the diet should be at least 1 gram. In 1200 calorie diet should be above 0.8 gramsper kilogram weight of this amount. Protein foods more people will delay the full amount and gastric emptying. Thus weakened grilled or boiled white meat should not be disregarded. This side of mashed potatoes instead of meat meal peas, dry beans (3-4 tablespoons) to supplement and eat lots of salads would be useful.

What do you do when you go to an invitation?
Eat something light an hour before eating; This may be yogurt or an apple. From olive oil or butter before eating ignore the point, think of any driving or dip bread in bread. You do not want to bring them there is even more accurate. Before the meal started with a salad for a glass of water and food. Appetizer before the main meal or break the future of the vegetables hot or prefer to wait until the main eating them. In addition to meat dishes must eat vegetables. Try not to eat fresh fruit at the end of the meal.

Use sweeteners
Use sweeteners do not look so hot. After all, what is a chemical. However, one can always use more than 8-10 days from the sweetener found in those who use aspartame. Who used herbal sweetener stevia or spline career. If possible, try to drink your tea without sweetener.

Always Low gi'l Food Requirement Is There?
It does GI diet means he will not eat certain foods must be removed at all. High GI value of potato or white bread can be eaten in very small amounts. Besides the food you eat, when you eat them low gi'l you will reduce the GI ratio. We receive an average of high and low GI foods we eat together gi'l fall. For example, if a new agreement with strawberry chips papates decreases the effect of potato chips. So when you eat food with high GI foods should try to choose the next lower gi'l to reduce the impact. If you eat yogurt you eat potatoes next to the impact of the potato decreases. Yet every low gi'l food can be healthy. For example the sausage food is low in fat but are excessive and harmful. In addition, the food you need to eat more food than thought. The amount you receive increased sugar load increases.

Low gi'l Nutrition Rule 7:
7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day should eat: our goal is at least 2 servings of fruit a day (like 2 apples) and should eat 5 servings of vegetables. One serving of fruit is an apple. One serving of a vegetable dish or salad tomatoes, cucumbers = 4-5 = one means a small carrot pepper = = 3-4 tablespoons vegetable meal.

Low gi'l your eating bread and cereals: Multi-grain bread, whole wheat bread, noodles is low gi'l. It should be eaten at least five servings a day. One serving is a slice of bread. Eat bulgur instead of rice. Pasta eating should be a little hard to be undercooked, the dough should be like.

Eat more legumes. A high percentage of fiber chickpeas, beans, lentils, grains such as kidney prefer.

Nuts regularly, eat almonds or walnuts. A handful of nuts every day, try to eat walnuts or almonds. Of these beneficial fats, fiber, vitamins are. Potato chips, eat them instead of chocolate or kuabi is more useful.

Eat More Fish is known source of omega-3 fish oil contains so beneficial to health and food are low. As strengthening the immune system, it protects against heart disease and improve your psychology. They have to eat fish 2-3 times per week. You need to choose the fat of fish. Norwegian salmon, sardines, anchovies, tuna and fatty fish contains more omega-3 is.

Poultry, eggs and lean red meat you eat food These foods are low and they allow us to get protein. Red meat should be eaten necessarily once a week, and thus iron intake should be maintained. Besides plenty of salad potatoes should be eaten with meat or poultry should be eaten no vegetables. Week 2-3 eggs and chicken skin removed is useful.

Please eat as skim milk every day to consume 2-3 servings of dairy products allows us not take enough calcium and strengthen bones. Skim milk, nonfat yogurt, ice cream, cheese yeneb. One serving of a cup of milk contains 28 grams of cheese. G Milk 12-14, 20-40 from the yogurt, ice cream stand 37-49.

Low gi'l Overtaking Diet How to Start?
The introduction of low-sugar diet containing foods a person who fed a diet containing high sugar load may be a particularly boring. Therefore Prof. Dr. Jenna Brand -Milan be changed by the proposed Perform the following:

Make changes slowly: it made major modifications also in the diet generally prevents the continuation of the diet. Therefore, for example, first try to eat more vegetables. Succeeded proceed to the second amendment.

First Easiest Change Structure: The easiest change is to start with the most successful method. For example, start eating fruit on a daily snack. Then increase the vegetable servings.

Keeping your big target, take him Small Parts: Quickly put the goal to lose weight. This often does not immediately and often. Choose one kilogram weight loss goal per week instead. One small target such as walking 30 minutes every day can begin.

Meanwhile you can Getaways: The assessment made occasional failure getaways. These are natural things. Accept the last 3 months of acquiring the habit.

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