16 Ekim 2015 Cuma

Weakening of warm water to drink?

Any diet or lose weight alone without being tied to drink plenty of water-loss exercise program is wrong to think that a feature. After the diet, drink plenty of water when weight loss is ideal for destroying sag occurs in the body and also download the constipation problem that can occur is good.

What is the benefit of warm water while drinking diet if you're going to say; Because of the length of stay in the stomach much more than cold water, hot water, hot water after drinking the cold period about giving people a sense of satiety to the water is more than 4 times.

Unlike cold water, hot water provide more food to be consumed by hunger in people. The Chinese believe that after the 40s is harmful liquid colder than body temperature to be consumed.

Hot water into the bloodstream without disturbing the body's heat balance and improves blood circulation. It helps to relax the muscles around the internal organs. It is to help relieve digestive absorption of nutrients.

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