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How is fatty liver?

Accumulation of fat droplets in liver cells with fatty liver occurring, if not avoided, can lead to permanent damage and fatal diseases such as cirrhosis. Excess weight, fatty liver in people with diabetes or insulin resistance is seen often. So, how goes fatty liver causes, how do you heal this disease on a diet?

Who gets fatty liver?

Fatty liver disease is characterized by the accumulation of fat droplets in the liver cells. Of fat accumulation in liver cells as well as the liver damage causing progressive solidification and some cases may even cirrhosis. The incidence of fatty liver, caused by obesity and insulin resistance arises due to reasons such as inactivity and eating disorders. That's why the majority of liver transplants performed in the coming years to develop due to fatty liver will develop cirrhosis and liver are therefore expected to be made to cancer patients.

What are the symptoms of fatty liver?

Symptoms often seen in people with fatty liver; weakness, fatigue and reluctance. Weakness evident especially in patients with elevated liver tests. Diagnosis of the disease is the main method used in ultrasound. Without any harmful rays of patients with this method, sound waves can be determined by the structure of the liver. The patient's liver steatosis on ultrasound in the rise in blood testing and should be consulted if there is insulin resistance. Patients who had elevated liver tests should be monitored regularly for 3 or 6 months. The most important way to understand whether the progressive forms of the disease is simple steatosis or "liver biopsy" is. In this method, a needle and examined in part by the liver and that there is inflammation in the liver, the degree of hardening of the liver (fibrosis) and risk status determination is made.

How to treat fatty liver?

The two most important method to prevent fatty liver disease is diet and exercise. Here in individuals who are overweight and aim to reach the ideal weight as well as to correct insulin resistance. Especially the reduction of daily calorie intake in the diet, fed the poor from the triglycerides, plenty of vegetables to be consumed, it is recommended to avoid high glycemic index foods. Patients should be targeted to provide maximum 3 months kg. Because the giving and receiving of rapid weight can aggravate fatty liver. Insulin resistance, which constitutes the basis for creating the theory of cause fatty liver. Therefore, people with fatty liver should increase their daily activity. Per week to be at least 150 minutes of fast-paced walking or light jogging is the most recommended sports. Severe muscle exercises are not recommended.

How is fatty liver diet?

Frequently consumed foods cleanse the liver, it turned into a walking and sports a part of the lives of both liver disease and it is possible to get rid of excess weight. So, first suggested after adjusting your diet in the form of the disease must admit, walk yourself iyileştirmelisiniz.b the process expresses the most appropriate sport, walking or light jogging.

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