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Weight loss by burning fat

Fast fat burning diet, cut fat intake does it accelerate the process of losing weight?

According to experts, one of the most common mistakes made very little food. This leads to a slowing of metabolism and the body goes into protection mode. A certain amount to maintain the energy level of the body is needed nutrients and metabolic processes is also a problem, and therefore consume much less fat. The other is a common mistake to follow an unsustainable diet. There is no concept of rapid weight loss.

A correct diet is not a quick thinning should bring long-term solution to weight problems. It makes very little food in the often increase the rate of weight loss can lead to malnutrition is not sustainable. And it's completely wrong to cut an entire food group like carbohydrates. The lack of carbohydrates causes the body's life and unable to get enough B vitamins. This may lead to lowering of blood glucose levels and glucose levels is needed for exercise.

Consisting of abdominal adiposity is dangerous?

In particular the abdomen and lubricated wear occurs in the lumbar region, obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diya¬bet can cause infertility or cardiovascular disease.
Do not avoid eating late at night weight?

Your body does not stop working at night and sleeping side you actually significant amount of energy for a long period of time hunger. But most people find useful to snack after a certain hour because it takes less time to eat, can lead to weight gain. The calorific value of so-called junk food in the evenings watching TV can consume without being aware of the high food abundance. Of course, what it is important at this point how much you eat. Such as the rack in the kitchen filled with fruit and nut snacks can be a great idea to have a low glycemic index value. This speeds up the operation of your metabolism and keep you from overeating unhealthy foods in particular.

Why female body shape changes with age?

Female body is usually in the form of pear until the menopause, oils stored in the hips. In the middle of postmenopausal stored fat in the body and it takes the apple body shape. This difference is due to changes in fat distribution menopausal hormones. It can create risk for heart disease, especially for women. We may be in the older we tend to take one or two kilos a year. It is not good for the body, especially abdominal adiposity never made in the abdomen. A waist size of less than 80 cm for women may be considered healthy.

Is that before exercise, after exercise do I need to eat?

It is recommended to eat before exercise, but timing is important. High-carbohydrate, low-fiber made two hours before exercise and is an ideal snack, eat it at a later time, can cause you to strain when sports. It occurs after carbohydrate intake increases the insulin in your body before and this causes your blood sugar level to fall. But wait two hours to allow your body to return to normal blood sugar and insulin levels. A light snack after exercise is appropriate to provide for the renewal of your carbohydrate stores again vacated that order. Sport is an ideal meal after a little protein and high carbohydrate value because it facilitates the uptake of protein and carbohydrate.

Is that fat cells in the body change over time?

The amount of fat cells you have it until a few years after birth until you have your entire life and you thought that was weak and fatter and discharged these cells. As a result, the number of cells is not changed, especially oil consumed is observed that five of the fat cells grow significantly.

Can I lose weight by eating three main meals?

Snacks, main meals are more helpful than they accelerate metabolism. Insulin secretion and promote balanced. High insulin levels should be reduced as it reduces the body's ability to break oil. Snacks prevents sudden hunger.
Calorie restriction: less healthy foods in your meals and is the most sensible way to lose weight while eating to improve energy consumption.

Meal replacement mixes: Some of these mixtures is targeting a significant weight loss in the short term. Such a weight loss method is probably involves the loss of muscle as fat. These mixtures generally have weight you lose when you return to your body as it contains high amounts of protein storage, but probably old diet, you'll get back quickly.

Weight loss drugs: These drugs prevent the species from body fat to get the food is safe. But it can be particularly unpleasant side effects, including diarrhea. In this case, asking you to eat less fat may see a negative support function.

Exercise programs: Exercise programs should be part of any weight loss strategy and the resistance must be included in efforts to make muscle. The settlement prevents the formation of muscle fat in that area.

Damlatıp can boost your metabolism by drinking a few drops of lemon into the water.
Which is an important factor in the formation of reason and how much fat is stored in the body weight. People lived in more difficult conditions for the storage of fat in the body in ancient times, was vital. Increased body was storing energy from food for use in food can not be found.

Today, energy storage is important because it produces hormones that affect the function of vital necessity taşımasa in oil and other organs. Too much sugar can reduce body fat, which can increase the possibility of placing power processing experience problems with people's reproductive system. Add fat intake to disruption of the menstrual cycle and can lead to fertility-related problems.

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