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Diet 15 Main What is your enemy?

Not just mistakes in this business are also annoying factors sabotaging your diet means you're going to look every Monday start you can not come to an end one kind of diet or year with a jealous eye skinny women walking around even when you navigate open the half.

This situation means it's time to put an end if you do not give even a not anyway, even though you regret three days a kilo grams were late in being looked envy the chocolate half of your life or you're eating every sweet day. Thinking of your diet is not working, change your diet should do thorough research before you even learn where you are wrong.

Here are 15 reasons to sabotage your diet:

Fast food

Quick meals can cause you to gain weight, you must eat so slow. After chewing for a long time to swallow food, it means knowing when to save food entering the body of the brain. In this way, the sense of taste is also satisfied. So you're satisfied with your understanding, when you stop eating between shorter.


One of the most important factors of your diet failure to work is sedentary. Formerly a maybe 10 or 15 minutes walking to meet your friends can chat just now happening via the internet or until mailleşerek met. As such, you can choose to act instead of sitting.


You can use sweeteners instead of sugar to constant weight gain. But research suggests that trick the body in natural caloric intake of artificial sweeteners and therefore received show that reveals the desire to use more sugar.


The vegetables should be sure to wash your salad ingredients that are organically grown and you must choose. The hormones should stay away from fruits and vegetables.

Low-fat foods

Oil ratio is actually not much difference between high and low food as previously thought. Yogurt, milk or cheese, but this rate mattered low-fat eating fat cake is no difference between food that is high.


The brain chemicals that cause us to feel hungry soon as you notice a decrease in energy in the body secretes. These chemicals are secreted in part, at the same time tightening controls and our feelings in our rush to the fridge or the main reason we feel this is too bad.

To skip meals

Every meal you eat your metabolic rate by 20 percent within two hours - 30 meals slows down your metabolism increases, but if you jump. Especially the biggest problem to have breakfast and your metabolic rate slows down 5 percent in overnight stays at the same rate until eat a meal.

Fruit juices

High levels of fructose juices opens your appetite. Therefore, eat fruit or drink fresh juice is much more useful.


The liver is the body's fat-burning organ and if you spend a lot of energy for combustion is more intense work filled with toxins such as alcohol and tired. Therefore, pre-dinner drink fat or sugar should be careful not to consume too much.


You can choose to eat salad for your diet but eat outside if you eat a salad, sauce, salad. Because the special sauce with salad made of these calorie maintenance is not very different from a hamburger.

Date of Birth

If you were born during the winter because you are likely to be lost from the start research carried out it shows that they are highly prone to obesity winter baby. The reason for this is to have a slower metabolism employees.

Birth control

One of the biggest problems women have weight gain due to the birth control methods. Specifically, some women take birth control pills are appetite.

Sleep patterns

According to the study nights sleeping less than four hours, they gained more weight than the people sleeping more. Because a tired body, a normal day and not light burning energy metabolism slows down. To do this, you must take care to get regular sleep every day.


Newly married couples complain that they always put on weight after marriage. The reason for this agreement is the result of a desire to share everything life simultaneously. But the same amount of food with your partner when it said it is wrong, or you can have a happy marriage without eating the same things.

Thyroid problems

If you feel tired all the time, you started to gain weight and you may be sluggish thyroid are constantly cold. This causes your metabolism to run more slowly. Consult a specialist for this and fish, beneficial foods such as nuts should note taking.

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