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Yogurt eaters is weakening faster

Nutrition and diet experts weakening more quickly and gives yogurt eaters according to the weight of most of the abdomen!

Called the International Journal of Obesity According to a study published in the journal; among those low-calorie diet, each meal with a serving of nonfat yogurt also added, giving 22 percent more weight than those additions.

Yogurt eaters, but lose more weight, they manage to maintain their muscles. They are weaker because they melt more fat in their bodies. In fact, most of the oil goes from the most difficult thins that are thought abdomen.

Dairy sources of calcium, which is one of the fat burning foods. Low-fat milk, yogurt and buttermilk increases the fat burning

If you consume milk or yogurt; do you lose weight as well, are both going strong bones, as well as decreasing your risk of high blood pressure!

So how weakening yogurt?
Athletes and useful for those who want to lose weight and yogurt, which has a fatty acid CLA and Spingolipid on the breast, has a protective effect against colon cancer. These fatty acids are also reducing fat tissue, muscle tissue increases.

Yogurt and milk bones with calcium and phosphorus content as well as content protection found extensively in the KLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is helping to weaken the occasion of the melting of abdominal fat. It also provides benefits in the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

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