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Dr.Atkins Diet

To achieve a fresh new look and much healthier to begin a new phase of the diet you want to apply the dr.atkins on the agenda of the last days?

Open without more beautiful and healthy appearance could be earned Dr. Atkins these days is based on the most talked about and even basic purpose of the diet led to controversy; reduced levels of carbohydrates the body's energy is needed to burn fat. This instead of calories in the diet grams accounts is made. That's why this diet is an important point to which type of carbohydrate found in food which group.

Our body will help you understand a lot of choice of food carbohydrates found in different situations.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates consist of sugars and starches. Carbohydrate foods with corn flakes, bread, cakes, biscuits, crackers, rice, pasta, noodles, barley, lentils, peas, beans, potatoes, fruit and dairy products are examples.

One of the high protein-low carbohydrate diet for the health of the dr.atkins diet has been proven to be very useful also made by the two surveys. The Atkins diet chronic fatigue, diabetes, and has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with major health problems such as high blood pressure. It is also explained in this diet that protects the heart. In short, the rich variety of dishes for dieters ad nauseam until you reach the desired weight by eating. However, you will need to avoid three detrimental to human health white. Application of pure protein diet consumed only mentioned in two weeks. So now you will need to account gram instead of calories. Because you should not take more than 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. Poultry meat, meat, seafood, cheese and some vegetables you can eat. Rice, the main food groups should be avoided pasta and bread. The fruit can be consumed in very small amounts. Eat your cooking natural oils (butter and olive oil) should be used.

Dr.atkins devotes menu of three diet groups. They met the menu, the menu continues to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight menu ...

Meet menu
Breakfast: bacon should be in the field, ham or sausage egg, decaffeinated tea or coffee
Lunch: Small salad, half a waffle, mineral water
Dinner: Mustard and mayonnaise a salad consisting of seafood, steak or fish, spoon over cream artificially sweetened diet jelly squeezed
Menu continues to lose weight
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with olive oil, tomato juice, 2 slices rye bread, tea or decaffeinated coffee
Lunch: Mixed salad (ham, cheese, chicken), iced tea (herbal tea, if possible)
Dinner: seafood salad, cream soup, strawberries
Ideal weight maintenance menu
Breakfast: cheese, spinach omelet, two slices of rye bread, decaffeinated tea or coffee, fruit (melons may be)
Lunch: Baked chicken, half a cup of vegetables, green salad, garlic sauce
Dinner: Onion soup, 1 cup vegetables, tomatoes, onions, sugar sauce prepared with carrot salad, we lightly dipped in breadcrumbs calf pin
In the Atkin's Diet Considerations Points:
- It must be initiated by a doctor diet. This is important as high-protein Atkin's diet for a point. Because of these types of kidney diet it is described as being suitable for people with cardiovascular disease and obesity problems.

- Must not exceed two weeks on the diet, high cholesterol and muscle weakness can lead to the long held as a variety of health problems.

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