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Apple Diet

Apple diet is a weight loss diet 10 in 2 weeks. This one apple renews every main meal in the diet. The positive aspects of the apple diet

Apple is holding a full food will reduce your tendency to over-eat. Apple store is a fiber which help lower cholesterol levels. Heart disease, stroke, and includes the enzymes of the flavonoid prevent some cancers. Meals lean proteins, complex carbohydrates are balanced with a combination of fruits and vegetables.

Reduce intake of high amounts of lean protein in appetite and maintains muscle mass while dieting.

Since fruit and healthy diet. Application kolaydır.h meal to eat apples and kill the appetite, decreased appetite which is an important step for those who want to lose weight.

Apples contain high amounts of health is very useful fibers.

Apple Diet Diet List
1 apple
Cheese Omelette
1 bardakpiş have oatmeal
Half cup cottage cheese
Half a glass of nonfat yogurt

Grilled chicken breast
2 cups steamed broccoli
One-half cup of brown rice

Afternoon Snack
Grilled salmon

Green salad

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