16 Ekim 2015 Cuma



Whatever your diet program not be applied in 3 out of 3 main meals.
We never skip our breakfast in the morning and never do.
Certainly open living sitting for dinner meal and leave too late
Move. The findings of various studies conducted in the world is that poor people moving
Adhere strictly to the diet program, which was not what you say and your dietitian
Drink plenty of water, increasing your fluid intake
Stay away from stress as possible.
Sugar flour and salt out of your life. Be aware that we receive adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables daily.
Sports and exercise to get your life. Thus enabling the faster the metabolism can give you a healthy way to lose weight.
Put an end to snack on food that you consume fondly to this day.
Of fatty foods, from fried, stay away from alcohol and pastries.
Set goals for yourself such as your decisive goal I proceed in this direction, saying, I will give 5 kilos in 30 days.

Be determined to set aside excuses to start a diet.

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