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How to apply Karatay diet?

How to apply Karatay diet?

Prof. Dr. Efendigil Canan Karatay, explains how to apply Karatay diet.

How to apply Karatay diet?
Prof. Dr. Efendigil Canan Karatay most talked about books of the last days, "Karatay Diet" is the creator and author. Prof. Dr. Efendigil Canan Karatay, a healthy diet based on the basic principles on how to implement shared this diet.

How to apply the Karatay diet?
We use this diet to grow our own food in our country. We are a Mediterranean country. Food grown in Mediterranean climate are the most healthy food. But this food with some cooking oil and hazardous procedures that we use ourselves, we can render harmful. Weight gain due to the work of these applications and hazardous oils. As we explain in the book Karatay Diet, first need to separate from each other unhealthy ones with healthy fats. "Oil defeated consists of body fat" idea is completely wrong. Healthy fats weight does not care, and weight loss. Because weight not care oils, carbohydrates. This all but pharmaceutical companies in the world and is considered to be blocked expressed by the food industry. Because all food companies have made investments in the state to produce fat-free food. Of course, because people's health is deteriorating day by pharmaceutical companies are getting bigger surplus.

When the medical faculty in biology class, second class is taught lose fat as body fat to enter. So someone who knows a bit of biology knows this subject. As soon as the eggs into the body when we eat eggs, egg cholesterol reason why this would work. The chicken we eat when we're chicken? When we eat eggs that you get increased cholesterol? Is eating fish to fish enters the body? They are eaten when the intestine is broken, destroyed and absorbed by the bloodstream to the liver and income. Liver, the oil needed by the whole body, in the protein produce sugar. Karatay diet is not a difficult thing. Correct correct wrong we know about nutrition, physical movement, we increase a little, we can provide day and night secretion of the hormone leptin, already accumulated fats demolished goes ...

What are the basic principles of Karatay diet?
Everything you eat when applying to natural and seasonal Karatay diet. And treated with additives to overcome nothing. Food will be renewed attention to time. Most importantly, after eight in the evening to eat anything, drink plenty of water and move ... Movement is very important, that everyone needs to take the time to put forth excuses for. I especially our big businessmen, bank or company directors or our officers when the lunch break, I would recommend to go out and walk for 15-20 minutes. Initially, this will suffice. You've had before bedtime can throw a few laps around the building or your child you are unable to leave the house if you have to open your spouse received music and dance for an hour ... You do arm pressed, you did this waltz, You Have rock'n'roll choice is yours!

Diets are prompted to get results very quickly. Take the Karatay Diet book in their lives they will begin implementing this diet, what will change?

Dress is not the only body to everyone. Everyone is unique. Lifestyle, age, condition, whether it is in the childbearing age, is to be pregnant, whether or not athletes, sedentary (inactive), whether or not menopause affects the process of making weight used drugs. The purpose of the diet Karatay, is to place a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is to change our habits in a healthy direction. There is no more weight on this diet because habits not easily changed. He was angry because, unfortunately, the accumulated fats in the body for many years as pan melt. Metabolism is supposed to return the reverse.

Before taking the body weight with diet Karatay that prevented the accumulation of fat then it becomes a stationary cycle oils demolished then it is given the accumulated weight permanently. Once this starts to eat what diet application is the first sign of this improvement work is not us hungry. The improvement from the first week, then we started on the right track.

The first week, almost everyone feels the difference. Then, the results can be taken as an average of six months. But there are also those with significant disease follow-up period of up to two years. For this reason, you have to be patient. The menopause in women over age 60 may be obtained very quickly result in young people getting slower path. Day 5 km walking very quickly, as reach the goal, moving slower walking 20 minutes a day.

'Implement fully the Karatay diet certainly gives everyone permanent weight' Would you say that?

More than 1,500 patients so far implemented this program and those applying all of my patients were very satisfied. They regained their health and youth began to wear clothes. They never take back the weight they give. Happy, cheerful, heads were Rejuvenate and gained energy. Thousands of patients have experienced the results showed us exactly the success of this diet.

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