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14 days Slimming Formula Nestle Nesfit

According to research on a regular basis are more likely to maintain their form and form to win the women who consume whole grains.

You can do both delicious Promotes healthy start to the day with whole grain Nestlé Nesfit.

Nestle Nesfit 14-day program and get rid of the excess and you can take the first step to a healthier and more balanced life as well as you feed.

How Does? Very simple. Change your breakfast each day and wish you a meal Nestle Nesfit.

1) Breakfast: Half-fat / skim milk you can prepare and eat a bowl of fruit and 1 cup of 1 next Nesfit can drink unsweetened tea or coffee. 1 bowl and spoon Nesfit 5, they can add half a cup of skim milk.
2) Lunch: You can eat whatever you want but this is our proposal to prepare a balanced meal dish containing the four basic food groups.
Fat-free or low-fat yogurt; salad or vegetable dish; whole-grain breads, whole grain pasta or bulgur pilaf and grilled meat or fish you can eat tavul. Thus, milk, meat, cereals and vegetables each group will receive a balanced way.
3) Dinner: Again, half-fat / skim milk will be prepared with non-fat yogurt and vegetables you can eat with a bowl Nesfit.
Better to eat fruits and vegetables in meals for results, do not forget to exercise and drink at least two liters of water a day.
Nestle Calorie Amounts Nesfit

- Nesfit Fruit: PACKAGE (300g), calories 1059
- Nestle Nesfit simple: calories 3:57 GRAM
- Neste Nesfit Chocolate + 125ml milk: 160 calories PORTION
- Nesfit Nestle Chocolate (milk): 116 calories GRAM
- Nestle Nesfit simple + 125ml Skim Milk: 151 calories PORTION
- Nesfit fruit (40 gin 125 ml skim milk): PORTION 186 calories
- Nesfit Red Fruit 30 g+125 ml of skim milk: 151 calories PORTION

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