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40 golden advice for weight loss

1. decide
"Believing is half the achievement" the statement said. People must think even more of that there is no missing the weakening; In order to get rid of this excess weight loss process should start giving a final decision.
2-control switch
Endocrinologists or internists control experts from the individual, by taking out their analysis and dietitian "personalized" treatment through diet and nutrition model prepared.
3. To determine the correct target
According to the World Health Organization month 2 - 4 kg weight loss should be targeted. The benefits of weight loss over 6 kg should never be forgotten that more harm. Big goals are achieved in small steps. 20 years trying to get rid of the weight gain to 20 days loss means is to accept at first. Therefore, realistically, it should be accessible to select a target.
4. attention to the sleep time
Daily sleep duration of 7 - 8 hours should be kept. It shows more or less sleep affects weight gain enhancer.
5. Give importance to breakfast
Breakfast is doomed to gain weight uncooperative. The internal organs, the brain, in food energy needed for muscles to function ... After matching the shortest period of time should be covered by bus.
6. Frequent and gradually fed
Applied scientific research shows that the same amount of energy if they take weight more easily compared to those fed 3 meals six meals. Increasing the number of meals a day, eat more at the next meal is prevented by keeping full stomach.
7. Never skip meals
Skipping meals is the biggest disservice you can do to yourself. Day diet, suggesting you do, do not fall into the error that caused you to feast night.
8. Do not exceed the dinner too
Finish your dinner ~ 3.5 hours before bedtime. Go to bed with a full stomach is the best opportunity to lubricate the body. Until the evening meal do not mind lying to get your meals in the process, it is even recommended to consume something.
9. Dinner seating is very hungry, eat a snack necessarily
"Open sees millet warehouse in thought chicken" is called. Drop in blood sugar after fasting for a long time and is subtracted invitation to purchase more food. Therefore, the diet must be supplemented with snacks, to be a fed approximately every 3 hours during the day.
10. Pay attention to food diversity
Add and one type of diet and may cause malnutrition (protein diets, separation diets, diet of fruits and vegetables) should abstain. Such diets do not go beyond disrupt the metabolism. That's why the emphasis on the variety of food.
11. Eat slowly
Extend the duration of the meal. Remember, the feeling of fullness occurs in 20 minutes. After each bite fork - spoon, leave your hand. What you eat and chew thoroughly enjoyed the taste of food in order to try to swallow in small bites.
12. attention while eating
Cooking books to read while eating, is not busy with anything like watching TV. Meals in a quiet setting, be sure to consume thoroughly chew. Take your time. Nutrition "sate profit" in the form of evaluation.
13. Keep the high-energy foods at home
"Review wholeheartedly that Iraq would be far" they say. Home energy is high (sweet, like nuts) do contain nutrients. If necessary, you can see the way the store cupboard.
14. Do not use salt without tasting the dish
1 gram of salt, 200 ml of water keeps the body. Therefore, it can spoil your mood weighed. Food and try to make do with the salt from bread. Best of all, bringing salt shaker on the table. If necessary, try flavoring your food with various spices.
15. Stay away from refined sugar
Insulin levels stay as far away from refined sugar to sweet to wake up again, leading to sudden changes in food cravings. Note that the oil becomes much sugar. Inclusion because of their negative effect on blood sugar and energy, instead of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners can be used safely.
16. Avoid fatty foods
High energy, low-nutrient cream, sour cream, mayonnaise, chips, sauces, able to stand as far away from fatty foods such as nuts. For example, eating out, ask simply for eating salad, add the appropriate (lemon, vinegar, etc.) you do yourself.
17. attention to roast
Fried foods as much oil attracts and carcinogenic elements may occur. Therefore, food boiling, grilling, prepare steamed or oven using cooking methods. Add the butter from burning food.
18. Plate stripping
Food of bread to dip in the water, extra bread plate gives rise to skim the fat in the food consumed without being aware of the cause as lost. Add 2 tablespoons vegetable oil up to 1 kgof vegetables to eat. Even put the oil into food cooked with meat.
19. attention to Pastries
Pastries, cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, etc. too much fat, sugar, flour and eggs to eat them because it is used as little as possible. Remember; "One in a thousand is a" there is such a word. You do not have to finish the new arrival. Eat half the presents, just taste, enough.
20. The effect of alcohol
1 gram of carbohydrates and protein, while alcohol 7 kcal for this rate 4 kcal of energy, for oils in the form of 9 kcal. Affect the absorption of many nutrients, especially in the direction of our death and appetizers alongside renewed attention should be paid because of the consumption frequency and amount of nuts.
21. Stress factor
In case of stress hormone cortisol are secreted in the body and cause fat to drugs like cortisone. In addition, people in the event of stress, "belly full, even though" the need to eat more junk food. On the other hand, husband, friend, stress is reduced by 50% if the shared frustrations with friends. Or sports should be done. In this case, the "happiness hormone" is released.
22. Exercise regularly
One against stress for the release of the happiness hormone serotonin, such as income. Increase the effectiveness of exercise as conducted regular diet supports success in the protection program. It shows the increasing influence of physical activity increases the metabolic rate. Think before doing your daily exercise program; Distribute the remaining time for other tasks. The ride vehicles for short distances, walk. Taxi, bus, or get off the second stop and walk before serving.
23. Leave the excuses aside
• I have no time to exercise. I'm already very tired.
• The major part of my day is going in the kitchen, I'm trying to eat constantly. I am eating well.
• Domestic work is exhausting enough. Laundry, washing, ironing ... if the Times did you staying?
As mentioned, it already called the "excuse". Therefore, one should seek to reduce the excuse rather than self-deception.
24. Posalı (ie fiber) Increase consumption of foods
Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, dry pinto beans), whole grains (brown bread, bulgur, whole rice / pasta / noodles / flour), oats, long full amount and adherence to diet by providing volume in the stomach thanks to the fiber they contain fruits and vegetables They increase. In addition, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, it helps to keep the desired level. It prevents constipation by increasing the number of defecation and amount comprises protective effects in colon cancer. Fruits and vegetables that can be eaten without peeling beneficial to consume in order to increase your fiber intake with shells. If necessary, care should be taken not to peel the skin.
25. Drink plenty of water.
In order to realize the effects of Fiber foods mentioned, in day 10 - 14 cups (approximately one glass per hour), be sure to drink water. Metabolic waste from the digestion of nutrients that undertake important tasks in several steps until the removal of the 20% loss of body water can result in death.
26. Do not constantly weighed
If you exit the scale with one hour intervals during the day you come across the same figure it is unlikely to 2 times. In the morning and at bedtime figure it is likely to be seen in the significant difference between the values ​​encountered weighing 1-2 kg. Ideally; One day a week, with the same clothes, the same scales, empty stomach in the morning, after a bowel movement and weight weigh to record on one side. Otherwise, your weight will change if you drink 2 cups of water about half a kilo.
27. Caffeine attention
Tea, coffee and caffeine should avoid excessive consumption to be tired liver found in sodas. Light albeit not drink more carbonated beverages. Excessive consumption of up to osteoporosis can lead to various health problems in cases of anemia. It also leads to water loss due to the diuretic properties.
28. Do not underrate juice
Almost all of the juices contain sugar in the market ready for sale. Ready to be taken as 100% fruit juice or freshly squeezed fruit juices should be preferred (to eat the pulp with the condition) should be drunk. In order to increase the intake of fruit pulp without squeezing the most healthy it is to eat the fruit.
29. Do not be fooled any light products
Baklava to chocolate, ice cream biscuit encountered in a wide range of light products are obtained with at least a 25% reduction of energy compared to the reference product. Individuals can choose from these products by cutting certain foods. However, every light is a product of the free energy, and it can not be consumed. "After light" must not drop exaggerate the idea of ​​such an error.
30. Choose the skim milk products
Milk and milk products, especially in light / phrases you can definitely rely on lean. For example, whole milk with skim milk between 1.75 times the energy Did you know that fat 16.5-fold and 7-fold difference in cholesterol?
31 Shopping attention
Take a belly full of food shopping. Make a list before you go shopping and stick to the list. Move less money while shopping with you and use your credit card. In the market, not the shelf where the food does not suit your diet. You need to be up all the time, you do not get much yemezs.
32. Save the habit of reading labels
When purchasing energy contained in a product, you need to examine the total amount of fat and cholesterol content as well as weakening the name of health is of paramount importance. What you should be aware that you consume foods provide benefits on behalf of benchmarking.
33. Feel free to leave food on the plate
Forget the words of your mother, you do not have to finish in the base: cry on your back. You can even make it a habit to leave some food. In between meals, you can consume the rest.
34. compromise with Getaways
If you want to eat any food that you should eat a lot, but he's spent with absolute power walking or another activity that you receive food.
35. The confession
Invitation to a special event such as the celebration of reason to eat foods other than diet gradually, but the transition subsequent meals with low-energy foods such as salads and yogurt only.
36. Prepare to reject bids
Constantly greeted with food offerings. Remember; You can not reconcile anyone asking you a harmful nutrients. "No" to learn as well. Open by walk, you can prepare yourself to reject these proposals.
37. Do not despair
Never break your courage in the face of setbacks. If you eat more, do not succumb to pessimism immediately. Even if the 40-year taxi driver tool saves you stop, you must also not ignore your diet tiny loophole. The quilt burning for fleas. It is important to repeat the same mistake.
38. Be patient
Months, the overweight have settled over the years will go a lot easier. For a long marathon, it is wrong to throw outrun first; As soon as losing weight quickly in a certain weight remains constant and so he can leave the diet it is boring. To move more regularly in line is always healthy. It should be noted that now the weight permanently.
39. Hold Day
You eat during the day, save everything you drink a blank sheet of paper. Mark mistake when doing self-criticism after. Navigate to the path by yourself, follow the method of reduction in time these errors.
40. Like, enough

Your philosophy in the weight loss process, you get the following: Do not hang around the suspension, do not give up. How many more will wait Monday to step on behalf of healthy living. Today is the day. Make no longer something for yourself and change your lifestyle a must. Take care of yourself.

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