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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a diet that allows you to quickly lose weight in a healthy way. Mediterranean diet in people who received the life philosophy of the heart, blood vessels, such as blood pressure disorders are less likely to be seen.
Mediterranean people packed processed foods instead of fresh Meyze, protecting their health consume vegetables and fish.

The Mediterranean diet is not actually a kind of nutritional diet, this diet without straining your body weight in 6 months 20, you can slowly and evenly.
This fast, which are prohibited in the diet food, frozen foods, processed foods and heavy meals are.

It is located on the Mediterranean diet foods; fruits, vegetables, fish dishes, food grains, legumes, nuts, milk and dairy products.

Mediterranean Diet Diet List

1 cup yogurt
1 cup strawberries
1 tablespoon chopped walnuts
2 pancakes
2-3 slices of corn bread
1 tablespoon red mullet
1 tablespoon less fat cheese
grilled zucchini
2 cups of greens: olives, pepper, cucumber, garnished with mushrooms and tomatoes
100 grams of fish
Half a cup of rice
2 slices of melon
115 grams of cottage cheese

1 peach

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