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Melt Diet hips and thighs

Especially basins, having a baby is one of the women complained about weight problems after that. In fact, this hip fat lady sometimes it takes a crisis to go on even if you do not come out.

You'll get rid of fat from your hips with a simple but effective method I say, I think I would have given you good news :) Now it becomes a problem to get rid of the fat on your thigh fat in a short time in the hips and thighs. Diet and other instructions apply only thing I mentioned the need to do;)

You can get rid of excess fat in your diet for 6 weeks you apply buttocks and hips.
Tight pants that you just watched the Americans tried this diet just to showcase celebrities on you can move easily. Of course, your opponents kıskandırıp, mention also to captivate your partner.

The aim of the diet result of inactivity and improper diet to get rid of oil collected at the bottom of the body needs a special diet.

It is composed of food you consume diet to find anywhere easily. Most importantly, fairly economical.

Diet affects part in the first degree of hip and pelvis, then comes the legs. More particularly in the so-called hip and knee pants riders cover people with weight problems can attain effective solution in full 6 weeks.

Apricot and almond muesli is defined as the diet. Preparation of the muesli tasted quite delicious muesli to be prepared. Content almonds and dried fruits and grains to your body's so many foods. However, when combining all of your hips melt fat quickly, it puts the uniform.

As for the preparation of ...
2 cups oat, 2 cup broken nuts, 1 cup of wheat flour, 1 cup seedless raisins, 1 cup sunflower seeds, 1 cup almonds, 1 cup finely chopped dried apricots mixed materials, blenderdan. The mixture you prepared to be a full 12 servings Take equal parts. The mixture in each cup servings you consume a diet by adding cold milk. You can add half a banana slice on the course.
Each day's program
Breakfast: A portion of the prepared muslin, half a cup of milk and sliced ​​banana slices Hour 11:00: An apple Lunch: A serving of muesli and half a banana
Afternoon: A handful of raisins
Main meal: basic foods together with fruit
Before going to bed: an orange Fruits: apples, apricots, dried plums both a mango Main meals
Monday: A piece of grilled chicken wings or breast, green salad and a fruit
Tuesday: two egg omelet, to be consumed with tomatoes and grated carrot.
Wednesday: holding a tea cup size spaghetti. A fruit.
Thursday: a thin sliced ​​chicken breast. Boiled carrots and serve. If you wish, you can also retrieve next boiled broccoli. A fruit.
Friday: Ton fish green salad. One hard boiled eggs. A fruit.
Saturday: A piece of turkey breast, corn, mixed green salad. A fruit.

Sunday: 3 slices of roast beef steak, carrots, broccoli salad and two boiled potatoes. A fruit.

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