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Vegetarian diets

Vegetarians who do not eat meat literally the word means. Meat, poultry, fish, yogurt, milk, eggs consume those vegan, milk drinkers lacto vegetarian, meat consumers do not just eggs consumed in ovo vegetarians, meat consumers do not just see my vegetarian white meat consumption, lactone to consuming only milk and eggs are called ovo vegetarians.

The human body has to get the measure of the needs of all food groups are vegetarian in nature and should demonstrate more people take care of their nutrition.

- Consumption of simple carbohydrates should be avoided, both because of inadequate nutrient content as well as rapid weight gain in triggering complex carbohydrates should be preferred.

- Vegetarian protein deficiency can be seen in, they should consume in a plant-derived protein meal of the day. Dry beans, pinto beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans should be used in conjunction with yogurt if they are not vegan.

- If they can eat eggs every day for breakfast or 1 egg or vegetable dish or salad should be consumed within.

- Vega those frequent calcium and plenty of green vegetables should be consumed to prevent iron deficiency, should be the support of nuts, soy should be added into the vegetables.

- Milk drinking again that vegans should consume soy milk instead of milk.
- Whole wheat bread and fermented benefits in avoided. The trigger mineral deficiencies are common in vegetarian feature. Dietitians craving hard Aydin
- To limit the consumption of tea and coffee will prevent iron deficiency, especially right after dinner drink.
- Soybeans are very controversial in terms of food consumption, but consumption of a vegetarian diet is recommended. Enriched soy useful in particularly preferred products.
- Nuts rich in protein meals a day should be included in the content.
- Each meal should include cold cuts, salad or vegetables, not cooked vegetables than raw prefer and into green pepper, add lemon juice and tomatoes important.

- B12 deficiency is still a frequent occurrence Suppl supplements can be taken if necessary.

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