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How diet of children 12-17 years

For all ages of children must necessarily consume milk and yogurt. But school-age children begin after more difficult to follow the diet. If they can bring food from home to school still more fortunate. School will take between two thin slices of bread or 1 sandwich bread 1 matchbox soft white cheese, tomatoes or cucumbers as a breakfast menu will be enough for them. Besides, of course, must be a fruit! In the 12-17 age group, if a child must be fed with a dietician if overweight. Or worse results can occur. Another important aspect of children's sports in their lives need to be sure to be longer in this period. Junk food consumption to a minimum, if possible, should be reduced to zero.

Which must be 1800-2250 calories a day diet for children in the 12-17 age group.
In the morning, the list should follow:

1 egg or 1 matchbox cheese (68 remain)
2-4 small slices of bread (140-280 left)
1 cup milk (120kal)
1.5 tablespoons (deletion) jam-honey-molasses (60 remain)
1 small tomato or orange (left 22-48).
Lunch program should follow:
1 or 3 servings of meat and vegetable dishes dumplings (150- 210 remains),
½ cup yogurt or 1 cup buttermilk (65-80 left)
1 serving dessert or fruit (300-60 stay)
2-4 slices of bread (140-280 left).
Evening programs should follow:
1 serving of meat and vegetable dishes (150-200kal)
1 serving of pasta or rice-patty (450 left)
Salads (30-50 left)
½ cup yogurt or 1 cup buttermilk (65-80 left)
2-4 slices of bread (70-280kal).
½ cup yogurt do not want to eat then you should consume 1 cup of milk.

The girls in this age group, bread, desserts and cereals should consume half.

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