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Take oil in 25 steps!

The only thing you need to start to lose 1 minute! Here you get to reduce calories and fat to more than 25 different recommendations. Moreover, they also apply very easily. If you must do, take these suggestions into your daily life. If you're already on a diet, you can speed up your weight loss by applying them.

1. Mix
Mix your favorite fruit juice with mineral water. In doing so, you will normally use half the juice you drink, you reduce the calories you take in significant amounts. Especially in these hot summer days, the consumption of fruit juices in abundance.

2. Use Cordless phone
The day your best friend while hot gossip, but also how about burning calories? Wash the laundry (68 calories), prepare the table (85 calories), or watering plants (102 calories). (These values ​​are valid over a person 68 pounds and half an hour.)

3. Chew gum
According to recently done some research, all day without sugar (sweetened / mastic) Gum chewing metabolism increases by 20 percent, though your speed. We researchers liar!

4. Pay the cash equivalent of junk food
When one of your junk, or suggest something you accept when you should eat, put aside a 500 hundred thousand pounds, so your child, your brother, or give to beggars. When Paracık began to decrease your pocket, you will also learn to charity.

5. Ensure Packaging
Read about the packaging thoroughly. Because calories are often reported over 100 grams. However, what you eat, greater than 100 grams, you are getting a lot more calories.

6. green tea before going for a walk
It allows the release of caffeine fatty acids. So you can burn fat more easily. Also found in green tea polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) are combined with caffeine increases the amount of calories burned. But if you have high blood pressure, you should consider this proposal.

7. Bring your lunch from home
Usually caused by eating more calories than you take out. You can find out things that are difficult to prepare at home with you.

8. If you want to necessarily salad dressing ...
Then make your own salad sauce according to this tariff. Because the amount of fat in the sauce contained 1.5 grams and is only 20 calories.
- 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
- Quarter teaspoon olive oil
- 3/4 tsp dijon mustard
- Quarter teaspoon horseradish

9. get a blood test
One of about 12 women from the thyroid gland is not working well enough and the factors slowing down the metabolism.
10. Choose water
Use your choice of soft drink of water since. Bottle may be useful to have on your side.
11. confuse your sense of taste is

Melt in your mouth for one from the mentholated cough candy, when you pull a thing about your life, this sense of.article_diyet

12. Use Spices
For example, adding pain in what you eat can help you feel hungry for a longer time.

13. Have you been to the white interior
Such as water, a satisfactory effect in the low fat milk. Moreover, it is rich in calcium and rich amount.

14. chopping the salad ingredients, Slice
Your salad, you have to not only consists of greens. Carrots, celery, squash and other vegetables can be used. But rather than chop them finely, cut into large pieces. Both take longer to eat, and you can also chew more. This allows you to quicker satiation and you eat less of the main meal.

15. Call a friendly
If you feel alone, prefer to take the phone in your hand put the food yourself.

16. Write down what you eat
This is because you know how what you eat can help you control yourself.

17. Take the remote control to retire
While tools such as remote controls simplify your work, you are immobilization.

18. Choose spray oils
So normally you will notice that you are using much less oil you use.

19. When buying little to choose
For example, you bought me chocolate bar rather than a means to get a package, then you eat more than 44 percent. You do not need to take the risk, take the smallest, reduce calories.

20. Measure before cooking Food
Pasta, eating foods like rice, you can eat more kidnapped amount. However, you should eat if you cook measure until the beginning, this problem would have disappeared. Let us say, 4 tablespoons rice or pasta equals 1 slice of bread.

21. The cops will not eat
Look yourself in the mirror while eating, it allows you to eat less than 22-32 percent.

22. wait before opening the box
Before opening the ice cream box, 10-shuttle to the 10 push-pull. You can kill your appetite and snacking, as well as putting you in touch with your body again, may remind you of your goal.

23. Do you get the dark Soups
The larger pieces of vegetables in the soup that people will look at that, he doyuluy and faster, and he was releasing 20 percent less.

24. Do not forget to eat fish
Fish oil contains a very healthy type of omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3-rich fish, tuna, mackerel, salmon and cod. If it looks to people dieting, consuming fish every day, than non-fish in their diet lost 20 percent more weight on.

Need a little inspiration in 25th

Sometimes the motivation that you need, but you can make yourself again. Therefore, be prepared, refrigerator and kitchen door, cupboard on which the biscuits, or paste articles that will motivate you to places such as computers. For example: "You're not going to eat a waffle? Nor it did come a long way though, and you're very successful.

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