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Ways to Weight Loss After Pregnancy

When you're ready to lose weight, you can yolakoyul a healthy way to lose weight with diet and exercise after pregnancy.
But not so fast that you can not wait, if you comply with the proposal stability, so you can achieve the body you want.
Ways to Weight Loss After Pregnancy
Take your time!
You are too impatient to lose weight after childbirth unfair sayılmazs this one, but do not rush a little patience :).
Do not be quick to run to the gym of the room.
It's go for a walk, to do the things you need to do daily living postpartum syndrome does not mean that getting out of bed, simply insert the subject of weight loss in many heads.
Allow yourself to come before the body.
Experts least 6-8 weeks without intending to lose weight after giving birth I would suggest you wait.
All these efforts in your first week after birth never exhibit signs aside, most of the children will be freed from the weight that you receive on breastfeeding, pregnancy.
Enter a dietician!
Go to a dietician for several months after birth increases the mother's milk from your dietitian, ask you to create a diet that allows you to list your balanced diet to lose weight.
In this way, both your baby will need to take daily food through you, and you also can reach as soon as possible spread.
You have realistic expectations
We are witnessing not just the press and many celebrities we see in magazines pregnancy weight.
But it should not forget that, after the birth of the famous diet tips that apply to the kilola, both in spirit and things damaging to the body.
Apart from that everyone's body is different, some may do less than in the previous birth into life from birth who can not escape the pounds.
I certainly Dial-utopian expectations of the young girl's body stuck to my body so that this situation does not go beyond hurting you.
The world you have your childrens nice change to all your body, thought it was worth all the weight that you and relax.
Stress Baser you!
Fight stress as possible.
If you do not control your stress after birth, this is your eating, your wrong diet, and your head can lead to various outcomes such as birth weight to his pen.
Get a weather take your baby to combat stress, enjoy the sunshine and good weather, only make them even your brain to secrete endorphins, a hormone, it allows you to reach into the spirit of peaceful axle.
We can offer other solutions for you to cope with stress; taking a shower is a great way to relax your temperature from warm to these nerves, yoga and do sport will allow you to free your mind, such as meditation, spending time with loved ones, reading, drinking tea, and so on. All these will help you get rid of stress are simple but effective alternative.
Get your beautiful sleep
Many new mothers crave sleep especially as we all know from dealing with the baby at night, he does not even sleep in his seat even surprise :)
But you better be sure to take our recommendation to sleep as much as possible, reduce your stress level in this case will allow you to find the strength to make your diet and exercise.
6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep your baby will probably be nice being able to sleep, but especially during the hours when your baby sleeps Make sure you sleep in your flat.
You'll feel better about yourself when you receive your sleep and you will have the energy needed for exercise in your daily work.
Be patient!
Many dietitians recommend to lose weight not more than 3 months to lose weight.
Give your body time to regain your former weight.
If you can not immediately reach your desired weight, to not be disappointed, even away from your eyes and hold your weighing equipment after birth, remove to a place you'll see :)
Regularly go for a walk
Walk every day as possible.
If you walk with a friend with you and you would have this motivation, you will continue your hike as well as by promoting stability with each other.
Take the time to begin to walk up to 30 minutes to 15 minutes, this can increase your walking time if you feel unwell.
Your baby without your constant can be difficult to trust someone whether it, for this reason, we recommend that you also bring the baby in nice weather.
This is useful in your baby walks, fresh air area baby sleep more easily and quickly when you get home.
Start exercising!
1 month after birth, your doctor does not see anything wrong, do exercises with a trainer if possible. These exercises take the shuttle, or even to run at gentle pace cycling.
Sports teacher or watching your exercises you recommended to be done after pregnancy exercise videos from the internet, it will help you achieve a fit to apply as soon weakened image.
If you do these exercises have recently given birth mother with a hit :) you will have, so do not escape your situation.
Author of Eating food with milk!
Which is fed with milk, but low calorie food.
Research shows that babies of nursing mothers, breastfeeding compared to those who give more weight faster.
Breastfeeding makes you burn 500 calories per day, which allows you to lose weight quickly.
Continue to breastfeed your child up to 2 years do not have any problem with that.
Floor of Diet Avoid!
You have a baby and your body needs to recover, a diet below 1,000 calories per day your body passive drag it to commit suicide.
With this application you emotionally, but fret not only spoil your nerves can not find the strength in yourself to take care of your childrens you come to the state.
Especially if you are a breastfeeding mother to fall below the 1800 daily calorie intake.
Eat 5 meals a day!
3 meals per day eat 2 meals, snacks yeralıca following our recommendation to our article.
Meals, especially breakfast is definitely jumping, make breakfast your beautiful, do you exercise, walking will give you enough energy for daily chores.
You can suggest an effective diet list:
For Breakfast: 1 egg, whole wheat toast and a bowl of grapes
Lunch: a plate of spinach, a slice of whole tahıllıg bread, and 1 apple
Dinner: Grilled lean meat or fish, lentil soup, olives, arugula salad, feta cheese.
The evening meal was eaten at the latest to 7 is not to say that your stomach hungry to bed early at night.
Snack on healthy diet!
Snacks, keeping your blood sugar levels stable, which causes your blood sugar to drop too will stop eating.
However, if you choose this snack from processed foods, lose weight, you will gain weight drop.
Some snack options that we think you'll love
A handful of almonds or pistachios
Whole-grain crackers with peanut butter
A little cheese with a pear
An Apple
Hard-boiled egg

Low-fat yogurt with strawberries

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