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Children between 4-5 years of age diet

The attitude of the child's family earning regular eating habits is very important.
Clear enough and is fed by the growth and development of the child. Each child is unique metabolic rate. Görmeyip enough that a child should not be required to eat normal food growing more food.

The child does not want to drink the same amount of pudding made of milk, rice pudding or yoghurt.

Fried dishes without the oven, the water should be cooked or grilled.
Including food cake, cookies, cakes, biscuits granting unnecessary. These foods can lead to tooth decay. They replace milk, fruit or fruit juice may be.
Most adults should set an example to the children about nutrition.

1 egg or 1 matchbox cheese (68 remain)
1-3 small slices of bread (60-180kal)
1 cup of milk (120 left)
1 / 2y spoon to (deletion) jam-molasses (20kal)
1 small tomato or orange (22-48 left)

2 ½ servings of meat and vegetable dishes or dumplings (75-150 stay)
½ cup yogurt (65-80 left)
1 slice of bread (70 remain)

1-2 servings of meat and vegetable dishes (150-300 left)
1/2 servings of rice-pasta (225-250 left)
1 serving of fruit or vegetables (48 -60 left)
1 slice of bread (70 remain)

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1 cup of milk (120 left)

Full servings for adults.

Lunch and dinner may be replacedA

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