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Pepper Belly melts in?

When you consume more calories than your body needs, your body will store the excess calories as fat. Is chillies heart melt? In our article we talked about the effects on abdominal fat in these foods. Belly fat is not only an aesthetic problem, as well as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes 2, and is also a major health problem by preparing the ground for many diseases, such as some types of cancer. To help to melt belly fat, there are many foods that accelerates metabolism. Cayenne pepper is one of those foods.

Hot peppers, called capsaicin, the heat receptor by binding to mucus membranes and skin "temperature" contains a substance that produces a feeling. The amount of capsaicin in the paprika varies according to the type of peppers. Habanero peppers contain capsaicin pepper is highest.
Capsaicin increases the body's heat production or thermogenesi play an important role on the energy use of your body. In 2009, "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" You capsinoid In a study published in the abdominal fat loss and to be effective in daily consumption of fat oxidation was noted. Capsaicins that contains cayenne pepper, increase fat burning, can stimulate abdominal fat loss.

Off appetite
Given the addition of heat as well to help with fat burning, weight loss can also provide hot pepper vermenz reducing the calorie intake.
According to The New York Times "published an article in the newspaper, thanks to appetite suppression bitter before eating bitter pepper peppery hot sauce consuming, you can reduce food consumption by 200 calories.

As a result
To melt belly fat, you should spend you to follow a nutrition program that provides less calories. To consume healthy foods and regular exercise is the best way to get rid of belly fat.

Although increasing the metabolic rate cayenne pepper, it is not a magic bullet for weight loss. However, regular consumption helps to melt the heart and large.

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