18 Ekim 2015 Pazar


Famous actress Gwyneth PELTRON has been developed specifically for the cleansing diet.

What is the secret of this detox diet?

This diet is designed by New York cardiologist who Canker Alexandrou.

This is the main feature of the diet orange juice, dairy products, alcohol, sugar, wheat, caffeine, is to stop the raw seafood.

Gwyneth PELTRON of the daily diet list was as follows:

7:00 at room temperature 1 cup lemon juice
8:00 a cup of herbal tea
10:00 cocktail made from raspberry and rice 1 cup water
11:30 1 cup coconut milk
13:30 vegetable soup
16:00 A handful of almonds
18:00 steamed fish and soda
23:00 3 full tablespoons olive oil

Cardiologist that tells people who want to diet, can cause headaches in the early days because it is a serious diet.

For this, you need to consult a doctor before dieting.
The mother of two Gwyneth PELTRON was satisfied with this diet, and feel no discomfort.

This diet is involved in the next Gwyneth meditasyonla, contrast baths and massages to do was go.

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