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21st Century slimming food: Almonds

So much so that even though a food, holding both tough, and that weakens both delicious, though, both immediately available, though both katsu health to human health ... Internal Medicine and Metabolic Specialist Dr. Rock tells the proven benefits of almond crescent with the research.
Almond Diet :)
Almond name of the miracle of the 21st century. Raw, roasted, salted almonds not. For many years, a group which we call food walnut oil seeds, almonds, nuts, seed, thanks to high-quality foods such as fatty acids they contain peanut knew they were protective against cardiovascular disease. But this is to ignore the weight of food with concern because it is high in calories because they are fat, we would advise caution our patients.
rejuvenating the weakening
Almond zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, are minerals and vitamins such as vitamin E. Savulunuy will also contain the substance of the amygdala may be protective against cancer. However, Coenzyme Q10 and omega-3 levels are too high. These enzymes and fatty acids that protect people from cardiovascular disease and slowing down the aging process going. LDL is bad cholesterol reduces almonds regularly consume 6% to 15%.

The almonds we know that it is good-hearted but also proved that weaken very good. More recently, in a study conducted in the United States have 17 almonds a day is given to those who want to lose weight have been shown to lose weight better.
Almonds contain high quality protein and rich in healthy fat keeps people have fuller for longer. Almond is difficult because it is hard to chew food and are satisfied with the feeling of a breach of this person. Life bowel movements increase rate is high. It can be easily found everywhere and can be easily moved anywhere for lack of preparation challenges.

How to lose weight to eat almonds who will say;
• Take care when buying Almond; raw, unroasted and unsalted purchased.
• If you prefer crustaceans and shell from which break easily.
• Do not eat more than 15 at a time. Counting sheep in a small bowl. You can have your drawer at work and in your bag as well as 15 smaller packages.
• Try to choose, especially in between meals. Low-fat milk and ayran makes a perfect combination together.
• When you eat fruit alone with you than eating almonds have lowered the glycemic index which allows you to keep you more satiated.

• You can also eat 50 almonds as a meal you can not find something to eat.

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