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Cellulite diet

If you want to get rid of your cellulite as well as your weight must follow this diet.
Nutrition to prevent the formation of cellulite formed by adjusting our habits and be able to reduce cellulite!

Healthy diet, to avoid the cellulite and reduce cellulite weakened:
Drink plenty of water to
 1; 2,5 3 liters of water a day ... accelerate the destruction of body fat by inserting the layout of the lymph circulation is very important for the reduction of cellulite weakened formed.
2. To protect your healthy diet and drink plenty of cellulite in your diet program and lemon salad to decrease.
3. Be careful not to consume vitamin C sources. Cellulite reduction and the formation of vitamin C has a preventive effect.
4- Fruits should be included in your diet is rich in vitamin C and dietary program. Especially lemon, kiwi, orange, peach ... you can put plenty of pepper and parsley to your salads.
5. Weight and cellulite while reducing protein should not be neglected. More foods of animal origin and we should know in what way we consume and how often. Foods of animal origin, meat, poultry, fish metabolism work faster in terms of inclusion and quality protein to prevent loss of muscle weakens; thus increasing the loss caused by the oil in the diet is important. It's also next to the cellulite have weakened the group, which is important source of protein for the reduction we need to consume a balanced and informed. For this 2 times a week red meat, chicken should consume fish at least 3 times 2 times per week (the grid). Other groups may be reduced and more particularly fish consumed. Because rich source of protein, omega-3 fish next to the (n-3), omega-6 (n-6) to organize the circulation contain oil and slimming, and helps a lot to reduce cellulite.
Food that we need to avoid as far as possible:
- Salt. Because it impairs circulation by increasing blood pressure. Do not use extra salt, leave the habit of using the salt shaker!
- Animal fats. Because weight gain is caused by the deterioration of increasing the circulation of blood and oil. Cook your reason dish with vegetable oil. Especially olive oil and soybean oil would advise the mix.
- Avoid frying or roasting. Because circulation and disturbs the structure of fat cells.
- Do not eat offal Because improves cellulite in the body, causing damage to connective tissue.
- Do not take excessive alcohol. Because disrupting circulation improves cellulite.
Example feeding program
160-170 cm tall, 5-10 kg for a healthy individual with more
2- to 2.5 litersof water per day. Write this amount may be in the 2.5-3 liters of water.
Get 500- 1000 mg of Vitamin C per day.
- 100 gcheese (unsalted)
- 2 slices wholemeal bread
- Tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper (no salt)
- 1 dish of vegetables
- (12: 00-14: 00) 200 gramsof yogurt
- 2 slices wholemeal bread
- Salad (plenty of lemon, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt should put)
Search for: (16: 00-17: 00) 200 gof fruit (kiwi, summer peach, cherry, orange, preferably)
Evening (19: 00-20: 00)
- 400 g of fish 3 days a week
- 1 slice of whole wheat bread
- Salad
- Week 2 days per 200 gramsof meat
- 1 slice of whole wheat bread
- Salad
- 200 gchicken 2 days a week
- 1 slice of whole wheat bread
- Salad
Search for: (22:00) 200g fruit
Lunch and dinner may be replaced

Increase or decrease the number of number of fish meat or chicken.

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